The Elements And Characteristics Of A Solid Business Plan

The profitability and success of a business all starts with having an effective business plan. Your plan should describe what your vision is for your business and what you plan to do to accomplish it. The business plan will also help to connect you with potential customers and your employees.

The Characteristics Of A Solid Business Plan

Before you can develop a solid business plan, you first need to learn what qualifies your plan should have in order for it to to be successful. Those qualifies include the following:

1. Your plan should be detailed and complete.

Don’t just make a list of your company’s services or products. You also want to write product descriptions for them as well as your plans for how you will be marketing them to prospective customers. You will also want to make a list of all of the equipment and materials you are planing to use. If you have all of the information that you need, you can also calculate the budget you are going to need to get your business started.

2. Your business plan should identify who your main competitors are.

You need to become familiar with the other companies that operate in your field. Learn about the range of products they are offering as well as the strategies that they are currently using, if at all possible. That will give you a good idea of how your own operation should be conducted.

3. Your plan should be formal.

Your business plan is going to be presented to various organizations in addition to your business partners. Do not use casual language or slang words. You plan should be formal instead. Since your plan represents you as a professional, make sure that it is also free of errors.

Important Elements That Are Part Of A Good Business Plan

The following important elements should be included in your business plan:

1. Your company’s mission and goals.

The goals and strategies that you business is planning to use to achieve your goals should be included. Your company goals should be realistic and clear.

2. Company description

This part of your business plan will provide an overview of your company. It will also describe the objectives and operation of your business.

3. The target market

In this section you will describe who your target customers are. In addition, you will provide the reasons why your company’s services and products are suitable and important for these customers.

4. Business competitors

Here you will identify who your primary competitors are. You will also want to determine what these companies strengths and weaknesses are, and how your company is different.

5. The marketing strategies

Here you will detail that methods you will be using to effectively promote your services and products. A specific timetable will also be provided.

6. Budget plan

In this part there will be information on how you will be utilizing your finances during your first few years in business as well as what your estimated monthly income will be.

When creating a business plan, there are so many different things that you need to consider. The elements and characteristics mention above are only some of the important factors that a good business plan should possess. If you keep them in mind, you will be able to create an effective and solid business plan.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Party Planner

There will come a time when you find yourself in the middle of setting up a party or some other sort of social event. These are celebrations that will usually take place when there is a wedding, birthday, graduation, promotion, birth of a child or some other sort of significant life event. These parties are a nice way for everyone to gather and socialize while forgetting about their problems for that period of time while they are in the moment.

This can be an incredibly memorable experience that will be made even better if you are not having to worry about the entire planning process. The help of a professional party planner can be one of the best decisions that you make when you have an event to put together. Your professional party planning company will be able to bring everything together and make sure that the whole party goes off exactly as planned.


Planning a party on your own will come with its own set of obstacles, one of which is the amount of time that it can take to bring it all together. Small details will have to be confirmed, arranged and checked as you go along. Your party planner will be able to do all of this legwork for you so that time never has to be an issue.


The majority of your stress can be taken away when you take the initiative to hire a party planner to take care of the event for you. Instead of worrying about every detail, you will have the ability to enjoy your party and all of your guests.


If you are not someone who is good at negotiating, your party planner will be able to help by dealing with all of the suppliers and vendors that you need. They will take your ideas into account and then help to pull everything in to keep you within your budget while still allowing for the party points that you are interested in.


A professional party planner understands everything that goes into the event process and they have a wealth of contacts that they can use for every aspect. Whatever you may need, they will be able to tell you the venue or supplier that will be your answer and they will also be able to come up with answers to problems on the fly during the planning process.


Even if you may have been told that it is a lot cheaper to plan a party on your own, you may just find that a professional planner will be able to save you a great deal of money. Once you give them your budget, you will be able to set him or her free to find the best deals and save you money overall. Besides, you will also find that the extra time you have and a whole lot less stress will be worth its weight in gold.

You are sure to find that hiring a professional party planner is not usually looked upon as being an unnecessary expense when you need to host an event. Just be sure that you take your time to find the right professional to meet or exceed your expectations and it should be a great experience.

Get The Gift Of Skillful Persuasion By Fine Tuning Your Presentation Skills

Have you ever had to make a presentation? What was the true underlying purpose? Maybe it was to deliver news or status updates about an ongoing project, or to talk about the new direction of the company. No matter your reason for having to deliver a presentation, there are commonalities across messages.

The basic point of doing a presentation is not just to deliver a message. Sure, it is great if it is a palatable presentation that takes into account the recipients’ attentiona spans and interest level in the subject. Almost all presentations require some degree of winning over people and influencing people, which boils down to effective presentation skills.

Whether you are talking about the sales numbers or how close to schedule a project is, you will have to get buy in from your audience. Getting them on board, and making the messaging appeal to them is part of a presentation.
Do so efficiently and clearly and you are off to the right start.

When creating your presentation keep in mind how the messages will benefit your audience. Be mindful of how they might interpret and how open they would be to receiving the messgae.

Again, the sole purpose of a presentation is to persuade the audience to be open to and accept the information. In this way, it will motivate them to follow through and take action on the information presented.

How To Persuade People
Part of making a compelling argument starts with something non-information related. It all begins by building rapport, which both lets down the audience’s guard and creates a trust in what you are saying and presenting.

Part of this happens by making sure you have captured the audience’s attention. Make the situation clear. It is important for them to understand the information you are presenting and give their buy-in to help an situation that needs their attention. The next step then is to create urgency, and of course, always follow that up with a solution and a demonstration of the solved problem.

From there, focus on the action plan for solving the problem. This alone will get the audience more invovled.

How To Get The Audience’s Attention
The way to an audience’s ears is to talk about something that interests them. It is a provocative way to tell them that you understand them and are speaking their language.

A little-known fact that blows any preconceived notions out of the water is a great way to start. It is known that the audience may have their own idea about the presentation subject matter and how it migth proceed. Be sure to hook them in with eye-catching graphics on the first few visuals you display. One great way to do this is to show a statistic that alters their perceeption of what they thought they knew well.

Explain the problem and why it garners attention to it now. Creating this urgency requires outlining the consequences if the problem is ingored. It can be anything from the salespeople in the audience understanding that they will not receive bonuses if they do not sell more to what lax medical practices do in a hospital setting.

The presenter’s job is to offer solutions to nix the problem. Do not scare them with problems that they have no control to solve. If it is a group of desalination plant engineers then sure talk about droughts and water shortages and how such a plant will allow an area such as arid Southern Caliofrnia having plenty of potable water.

That would be a topic to avoid if you are talking about how to increase tourism in the area, though. You get the picture.

The solution has to clearly identify who will be involved in the solution, from human resources to the financial involvement that is necessary to tackle the problem. Audiences are smart and wise, and are paying attention! Never give them vague answers as solutions to a problem. Show them statistics that support the solution that you are giving them.

Invite the audience input and views on the issues. Do be open and welcoming to all viewpoints. This composure will uphold and even raise the audience’s support of you.

Graduating With A Business Administration Degree

Graduating from college with a degree in business administration course indicates that a person has received a well-rounded education in nearly every aspect of running a business. Typically classes that are required to obtain one of these degrees range from accounting and math to business law, ethics, marketing, computer essentials and other business-related topics.
Oftentimes students fromĀ Mantissa college also participate in an internship program where they get real-world experience working in a business environment.

Running a business is like trying to juggle a million different balls at once. You have to not only be able to deal with the balls that are currently in your hands, but you also have to be aware of all of the other balls that are in the air if you want to keep from dropping any of them.

This requires extreme focus and the ability to shift your attention quickly from one ball to another to keep them all from crashing to the ground. This is not unlike running a business, where you have a million different things to deal with, all requiring your attention to keep the system operating smoothly.

There is no better way for a student to prepare for life in the real world than by getting experience in an actual business environment.

One of the things that students are taught is that the primary objective of any business is to earn a profit. If the business was not able to bring in more money than it expended, it would quickly go under.

After all, without money a business would be unable to purchase the supplies and inventory that it needed to keep running, let alone cover the wages of the people who worked there. Without making a profit, there is simply no way to keep a typical business afloat. Because of that, earning money has to be the end goal of any business owner if they hope to succeed.

Getting a solid education in business administration is a great place to start. However, the real work begins when someone starts running a business of their own. Throughout the course of running the business, the owner no doubt will turn to their education again and again, recalling helpful bits of advice or information that can make a real difference in the overall success of their business.

There are a number of challenges that come along with owning a business, not the least of which is dealing with customers. Additionally, a business owner has to constantly track income and expenses to make sure that the company is staying profitable. On top of all of that, they have the day-to-day management tasks such as disciplining employees, solving customer disputes, maintaining inventory and paying bills.

Graduating with a degree in business administration can help lay the foundation for building a successful business in the real world. As long as the student applies what they learned in school to the daily operation of their business, they should be able to position themselves for success. The key lies in making smart business decisions and never taking unnecessary risks. As long a fledgling business owners keep these basic rules in mind, they should be able to build a strong and successful business.

Renting An Office In Singapore? Here’s How To Find A Fantastic Deal

Finding the ideal office space to rent for your business can be a challenge. The more prepared you are out of the gate, the better chance you have a finding a space that is perfectly suited to your needs. By clearly identifying exactly what it is that you are looking for, you can ensure that you find the ideal office space in Singapore from Griffin Commercial.

While there are generally a large number of offices available for rent in the area, not all of them may be suited to your specific needs. Because of this, it can be challenging to find the right location for your business. Fortunately, however, with a little bit of careful planning you can improve your chances of finding the ideal space.

Before you even begin looking you need to decide how much you can spend on rent each month. After all, there is no point in looking at offices that are outside of your budget. This will allow you to focus your search on only those office spaces that you can truly afford rather than wasting time on offices that are outside of your price range.

Ideally, you should be as conservative as possible with your budget. You don’t want to overextend yourself by agreeing to rent a place that strains your finances. Otherwise you run the risk of not having enough funds on hand in case an emergency arises. It is always best to leave a little bit of space in your budget to cover unexpected expenses.

Also, don’t forget to plan for future rent increases. If you are already paying the maximum you can afford, you may find yourself in trouble if the rent goes up in the future. The last thing you want is to find yourself looking for a new office again in a year or two because of a rent increase.

The next thing you need to consider is the location of the office. The location can literally make or break your business. If it comes down to it, it is generally better to opt for an office that my not be extremely nice, but is located in an ideal location rather than going for a nicer office in a worse location.

IT issues are also an important consideration. You need to make sure that the building already has the necessary wiring and infrastructure to support your IT and communication needs. Having to add wiring to a building can be a major expense. Because of this, it is far smarter to look for a structure that already has everything you need in place.

Don’t forget to think about the future as well. Is there enough room to expand if you need to further down the road? If you are thinking of growing your operation in the future, you may want to choose a space that is large enough to accommodate growth. The last thing you want is for your work space to be too cramped.

There are a number of important factors to consider when looking for office space to rent in Singapore. By using the tips in this article, you can improve the chances of finding the perfect space for your business.